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Android P marks an end to its ambitious efforts to take on Apple

Back at the beginning of 2010, Google felt quite confident that its Android platform would crush Apple’s iPhone in the same way Microsoft Windows had marginalized Mac sales into relative obscurity with 2 percent market share in the late 1990s. coque iphone However, Apple changed the game by launching another new iOS product: iPad. Xavier Sneed Kansas State Wildcats Jersey Christian Miller Jersey coque samsung It split Google’s focus and demonstrated that Android as a platform couldn’t turn a bunch of commodity PC and phone makers into an innovative, creative challenge to Apple. Eight years later, Google appears ready to give up on tablets entirely.

Google’s two year old Pixel C is discontinued and is not supported in the next Android P

Google’s upcoming Android P release drops support for Pixel C, the coque iphone 6 dragon chinois company’s last effort at building an Android tablet. Mike Wallace Jersey bama uniforms coque iphone iphone 11 case In fact, the next Android release only supports Google’s last two batches of Pixel phones which themselves did not sell well indicating a rather dramatic scaling back of what was once supposed to be a vast array of hardware expanding into new directions to tackle Apple at coque iphone 4s trop swag every turn.

While things like Chromebooks and Nexus Player TV boxes were launched as experiments, Google’s efforts to build a self branded tablet (both to rival Apple’s iPad and to show coque pour telephone huawei y6 2019 its own Android licensees how to build a good tablet) was always presented as a serious, strategic effort to conquer Apple’s second largest iOS franchise.

Here’s a look at why Google failed to make a dent in Apple’s iPad business despite trying longer and harder than Microsoft’s Zune attempt to rival iPods.

Pre iPad: the doe eyed Android Honeymoon

By the time Steve Jobs appeared on stage in early 2010 to debut Apple’s new iPad for Post PC computing, Google coque iphone 5s disney winnie had yet to deliver a big hardware flop. coque iphone Android had only just made its mainstream appearance a little over a year earlier on the coque iphone 5s van gogh HTC huawei matebook coque built T Mobile G1. coque samsung coque samsung There was nothing but bold teenage optimism surrounding Android’s adolescence; Google felt fearlessly bulletproof despite the awkwardness and blemishes that were occurring as Android began to mature. coque samsung coque iphone Everything looked rosy.

All of the established vendors that had been lined up behind Microsoft’s struggling Windows Mobile platform seemed willing to try using Android. Kyrie Irving Nets Jersey coque samsung In fact, Google’s first partner HTC had previously been building the majority of all Windows Mobile phones. It was like a nerd fantasy come true: the Year of Linux on the Desktop PC had never quite made it out of the dream stage, but here was Google putting its weight behind an open development platform running Linux on a critical mass of mobile devices!

iPad disrupts the coque iphone 7 plus verre trempé party

Apple’s new iPad suddenly confused everything. coque iphone For some Mac coque iphone 5c parfum users, it didn’t seem like it could be powerful enough to serve as a computer. DeAaron Fox Jersey ole miss jerseys coque iphone Market researchers immediately branded it as a “media consumption device” in a desperate effort to avoid any comparison with PC sales and to disavow any potential for it disrupting sales of Windows PCs, despite their having spent the previous couple coque huawei y6 2019 huawei years preaching the gospel that cheap, ultralow end netbook PCs coque iphone 4 beyoncé would certainly eat up sales of Macs.

Yet despite waves of media contempt meilleur amie coque iphone 5s citing certain users’ disgruntlement, a deluge of market research white papers explaining that iPad wasn’t a real computer, and thunderous umbrage from Adobe expressing outrage over iPad’s lack of support for its proprietary Flash content (all of which sounded virtually identical to the themes in this year’s launch of HomePod), real world users voted for iPad with their changer la coque iphone 7 billions of dollars.

By the end of 2010, Apple had sold nearly 14 million iPads at around $500 each in just three quarters. coque samsung That’s three times as many “what’s it for” tablets as Google was able to sell in Pixel smartphones in all of last year. coque iphone coque samsung The next year Apple would sell 40 million tablets, beyond even ali express coque iphone 6 the most optimistic projections.

Everyone wanted in on this action. coque samsung Microsoft had already rushed out louis vuitton coque iphone 6 plus a Slate PC flop with HP and was scrambling to scale out of that pit. coque samsung coque iphone It would be coque iphone x guess another two years before Microsoft introduced Surface coque iphone 5 pas cher silicone RT, its next tablet category flop.

It wasn’t just Microsoft coque iphone 5 nantes that was scrambling. coque samsung Palm, which had seen its own Palm OS handsets similarly embarrassed by the iPhone, had rushed together a new webOS platform, paired with a flagship Pre phone that itself was flailing in the market. coque iphone coque iphone And personnalisation coque iphone 6 plus now iPad was gaining attention. Mason Crosby Jersey coque huawei HP attempted to reverse its Slate PC embarrassment by acquiring Palm and turning its software into a TouchPad iPad rival, but that didn’t work out either.

Blackberry huawei y6 2019 coque manga similarly rushed together a new BB10 platform it expected to rival iPad. Chris Webber Michigan Jersey In fact, rather than focusing on making it work coque huawei smartp on a handset, BlackBerry debuted it first on coque iphone 6 s luxe the PlayBook, a mini tablet it coque huawei y6 anti choc hoped to sell to businesses before Apple could take over the category.

2011: Google launches Android Honeycomb tablets from major partners

Google, with all the confidence of Android’s initial, surprising two years of handset growth from virtually zero, similarly rushed together a tablet platform it expected to similarly power a range of third party devices.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb focused exclusively on tablets, delaying smartphone features

That effort was launched in 2011 with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a release that (similar to BB10) delayed Android’s smartphone updates in order to attack Apple’s brand new iPad growth and the emergence of tablet optimized apps.

Strangely enough, however, Google’s Honeycomb tablets copied more of the losing strategies of Windows Tablet PC rather than following the successful route Apple had pioneered for iPad.

After third party Android Honeycomb tablets from HP, Samsung and Motorola all embarrassingly flopped in the market, Google decided it would have to show its licensees how to build Android tablets the same way it had previously launched its own Nexus branded handsets aimed at delivering coque iphone tc its Pure Android vision of what a smartphone should be.

At the same time, Google’s hubris that allowed it to launch Honeycomb as unfinished software running on unfinished hardware also prompted it to prematurely launch [email a home automation project it billed as “the operating system for your home,” at least until it canceled it the next year.